Paxo & Sprout

Hi my name is Lara and my fascination of all things canine started with the adoption of Paxo the Mini Schnauzer in 2006. Paxo is one in a million and her image can bee seen on all Barks and Bubbles paraphernalia. We increased the canine population in the household by adopting Sprout the Chinese Crested Powder Puff in 2014. Upon leaving the teaching profession I embarked on a dog grooming course which i completed at the beginning of 2014. The next challenge was to convert our rather scruffy garage into a dog grooming room worthy of the name, so we went from this 

The Beginning

to this


I have been operating out of the grooming room since early 2014 and have steadily built up my client list. I have stuck to my principles of only having one dog or family of dogs in the room at any one time. Paxo had a fair few horrible experiences at doggie parlours before we found our ideal groomer. The waiting  around in cages in a busy and strange environment only served to stress her out and it could not have been a pleasant experience. I wanted to offer a less stressful environment thus the ethos of one dog in one dog out with the occasional visit from Paxo and Sprout. I also offer puppy acclimatisation sessions which I have found has helped young dogs acclimatise to the dog grooming experience.